Foresight Ship Classification



The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has been instrumental in establishing global standards for the construction, operation, and maintenance of vessels. These conventions, resolutions, and guidelines have three goals: prevent accidents, mitigate damage, and define liability and compensation. In addition, each maritime administration has regulations particular to their Flag State.

FSClass acts as a Recognized Organization (RO) and a Recognized Security Organization (RSO) for numerous Flag Administrations, in order to survey and issue statutory certificates to vessels registered with them. 

Statutory Certification has a lifetime perspective for each vessel, from initial certification in connection with delivery, through annual, intermediate and renewal surveys during the operational life of the vessel.FSClass accomplishes this through our global network of exclusive surveyors strategically located on all major ports and by verifying the vessel’s compliance with international and national statutory regulations through the necessary technical reviews, audits and surveys for statutory certification.

The degree of authorization from the individual administration varies from full authorization, where FSClassis delegated the total certification process, to cases where the Maritime Administration is handling part of the process, such as the issuance of full term certificates.


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