Foresight Ship Classification



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S/N Documents Description
1 Form Statutory Statutory Survey Cover Page
2 Form Class Class Survey Cover Page
3 Form Survey Form Survey to be completed for all Periodical Survey
4 Form Narrative Description of Survey and Remarks
5 Form Notes Set Out Recommendations Memorandum or Information
6 Form Docking Docking Survey Report
7 Form SDV SDV Survey Checklist
8 Form Hull (AS) Class Survey Report (Annual Survey)
9 Form Hull (CHT) Class Survey Report (Cargo Hold, Tanks & Other Spaces)
10 Form Hull (ISSS) Class Survey Report (Intermediate Survey & Special Survey)
11 Form Hull (THP) Class Survey Report (Tank and Hold Protection)
12 Form Hull (CUS) Class Survey Report (Close Up Survey)
13 Form Machinery 1 Class Survey Report for Machinery-1/3
14 Form Machinery 2 Class Survey Report for Machinery-2/3
15 Form Machinery 3 Class Survey Report for Machinery-3/3
16 Form Chemical Class Survey Report for Ships Carrying Dangerous Chemicals in Bulk
17 Form Refrigerated Class Survey Report (Refrigerated)
18 Form Deficiencies Class Survey Report (Deficiencies)


S/N Documents Description
1 chkLL International Loadline Checklist
2 raLL Record of Condition of Assignment (Loadline)
3 chkSC Cargo Ship Safety Construction Checklist
4 chkSE Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Checklist
5 raSE Records of Approved Equipment for Cargo Ship Safety Equipment
6 chkSR Cargo Ship Safety Radio Equipment Checklist
7 Form Radio Safety Radio Survey Checklist (for Radio Surveyor)
8 chkIOPP International Oil Pollution Prevention Checklist
9 chkIAPP International Air Pollution Prevention Checklist
10 chkISPP International Sewage Pollution Prevention Checklist
11 chkDCB Dangerous Chemicals In Bulk Checklist


S/N Documents Description
1 Form ISM Shipboard SMS Audit Cover Page
2 Form ISM Info ISM Audit Information
3 ISM Chklist Checklist for Shipboard Audit
4 Form ISPS Shipboard ISSC Audit Cover Page
5 Form ISPS Info ISPS Audit Information
6 Form ISPS Chklist (Onsite) ISPS Checklist Onsite
7 Form ISPS Chklist (Plan Approval) ISPS Checklist Plan Approval
8 Form DOC Company SMS Audit Cover Page (ISM)
9 Form DOC Info Company DOC Audit Information
10 Form NCN Non Conformity Note (ISM)
11 Form MNC Major Non Conformity Note (ISM)
12 Form QAR Audit Report (ISM & ISPS)
13 Form STA-1 Status of Security Implementation (ISPS)-1/2
14 FORM STA-2 Status of Security Implementation (ISPS)-2/2
15 REC Recommendation to Security Implementation (ISPS)
16 Form DOC Chk Checklist for Company Audit

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