Foresight Ship Classification



People and technology share a common interest. The industrial revolution brought tremendous changes to maritime transportation since the advent of the steam-ship in the 19th Century. In this millennium, the importance of sea trade, safety and security issues is of paramount importance. As a ship-owner, you have to manage it... or else, it could overwhelm you and put you out of business!

"A dollar saved is a dollar earned" - but you have to dig in your pockets a little deeper and be prudent to exercise due diligence to ensure a safe and secure fleet. One incident at sea could mean a few hours downtime/off-hire, but two serious events would be catastrophic to your bottom-line reputation.

Have you complied to...

  1. 1.ISM (International Safety Management) Code
  2. 2.ISPS (International Code for the Security of Ships and of Port Facilities) Code
  3. 3.SOLAS XII - Water Ingress Detection System for Bulk Carriers
  4. 4.MSC Amendments & Codes for Installation of Water-based Fire Fighting Systems & Atmospheric Oil Mist Detectors for Cargo
  5. 5.Passenger Ships

If not, don"t be caught sleeping but let FSClass surveyors be your partner to providing the expertise and service in getting what you want... and at optimum speed to help you meet the maritime challenges of the 21st century!