Foresight Ship Classification



FSClass offers its services to the shipping industry and sets standard in technology, safety and quality. The spectrum of services provided by FSClass has steadily broadened to cater to the growing needs of the global market.

Central to our thinking is the optimizing of operational safety and the associated increases in profitability we achieve for our clients. At FSClass, we view technical expertise less as an end in itself and more as a client-oriented service which delivers clear added value.

As a genuine global player in this segment, we offer first-class technical knowledge and expertise within a fast-reacting, flexible worldwide network.

We offer the following services to you:Conceptual design of terminal facilities 
  • Terminal design review and recommendations
  • Risk assessment and management for safety and security

  • Vessels classed include Alframax Tankers, Panamax and Handy Sized Bulkers etc
  • Authorized RO (Recognized Organization) and RSO (Recognized Security Organization) for various flags
  • Class and Statutory Surveys
  • CAP / CAS Assistance
  • Valuation Survey
  • Pre-Purchase Condition Survey
  • Project management including shipyard supervision
  • FSO, FPSO, FBPSO including safety and security consultancy
  • Supply chain security consultancy for ISO 28000 certification
  • Incident investigation and damage assessment
  • Underwriter survey


What is TMSA (Tanker Management and Self Assessment)?

It is a programme that offers a standard framework for assessment of a ship’s operator management system. This programme is intended to help ship operators to improve their management system and to help the industry to take well-informed vetting decisions.